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How To Take Advantage Of Your Greatest Leadership Fear

Most leaders privately acknowledge their greatest insecurity is feeling like an impostor. Leaders enter jobs with deep-seated feelings of inadequacy, feeling certain they are over their head, and hoping they don’t “get caught.” Our research studying thousands of leaders rising into bigger jobs revealed 69% of them feel minimally or unprepared for roles they assume, … Read More »

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6 Crucial Things to Do In Your First 100 Days In a New Leadership Role

The rate of change in technology is unmatched. Companies are constantly being funded, getting acquired and, unfortunately, going out of business. These dynamic conditions create both challenges and opportunities for leaders, reports Entrepreneur. Changing roles is becoming more frequent across industries. Being able to successfully transition into a new leadership position is a must-have skill … Read More »

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The Single Most Powerful Question to Ask in an Interview (and How Top Candidates Answer)

Résumés featuring Ivy League schools, past positions with top tier organizations, fancy logos, job titles, and impressive tech skills–they all mean nothing, reports Inc.  I immediately file résumés in the trash. Today’s talent climate is a really strange beast. What employers are looking for seems hard to define and even harder to reflect on paper. … Read More »

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What Business Owners Really Need To Know About Succession Planning

People become the owner of a business for a variety of reasons. Though some inherit the business from their parents, or grandparents, many go into business for a simple reason: They want to be independent, reports Forbes. The belief that they can do things better than everyone else, the allure of freedom, and the determination … Read More »

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7 Steps to Compromising Effectively as a Business Leader

As an entrepreneur, you’ll likely be involved in multiple types of negotiations and discussions: You’ll argue with your partners about upcoming business decisions. You’ll negotiate salaries with your newest employees. You’ll create mutually agreeable contracts with your clients, and you’ll attempt to resolve complaints both within and outside your organization, especially as you gain more exposure, reports … Read More »

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The Velocity Of Change And New Customer Expectations

As we know, change has been the one constant of existence on planet Earth. Each generation gives way to the next, so that over time fire became electricity and the wheel morphed into a computer, reports Forbes. For most of the history of the marketplace, change progressed at a pace slow enough to allow the … Read More »

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