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How to Get From A-to-B in a Rapidly Changing World

Imagine you live in New York City. In the morning, you drink your coffee and put on your shoes. You walk a few blocks to the train station, climbing aboard as the departing lights flash, and take your seat. The ride lasts for nearly a half-hour and then comes to a halt. The doors open, … Read More »

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The Future of Work: Solving Problems Through a Flexible Workforce

The media devotes a lot of time to covering early adoption. Media outlets profile emerging technology trends, digital marketing best practices, and health and fitness movements. But what about human capital innovation in business? Enterprise business leaders have always needed to predict what the market will demand in terms of products, processes, and advertising, reports Entrepreneur. However, in today’s evolving business … Read More »

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Want to Have More Productive Employees? Use These 6 Overlooked Strategies

Maximizing the productivity of your workforce is one of the essential aspects of building and maintaining a thriving company. With that in mind, many companies will look into building an assortment of initiatives to help with workplace performance, reports Inc. While various sorts of initiatives are important and necessary in today’s landscape of work, there are also numerous other tools … Read More »

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Is Society Equipped To Help People Adapt To The Future Of Work?

The last year has seen a glut of cataclysmic predictions around the impact technology will have on employment. Of course, we’ve had technological disruption before, and each time mankind has been sufficiently able to adapt to ensure that employment levels remained very high. Doomsayers suggest however that this time is different. This time the change … Read More »

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Bigger Than Baseball: Leadership Lessons From The 2017 World Series

Last week’s World Series is now history. But before you turn the page on that baseball story, take one more look, in the context of a bigger conceptual map. The tale has some interesting strategic lessons about a paradigm broader than our national pastime, about leadership in a world increasingly dominated by automated intelligence and the … Read More »

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First Things First: The 5 Secrets to Prioritization

Time is money and for entrepreneurs starting out, it is imperative both are utilized to their fullest. To maximize both, founders must prioritize, reports Entrepreneur. When we first started out, we were wrestling with some problems on how to build our personal-finance website, NerdWallet. I got some great advice from my friend Drew Houston (the … Read More »

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