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Getting Honest Feedback From Your Team

It’s easy to just say that I get feedback by asking my team to tell me what they are thinking. You would think they would just say if I upset them. But, it doesn’t work that way, reports Entrepreneur. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise — achieving an open and (candidly) honest environment takes time. That’s because it … Read More »

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5 Easy Actions That Will Improve Company Culture

In recent years, company culture has become somewhat of a buzz phrase. Thanks to unconventional and progressive leaders like Amazon, Google, and Facebook, people have started to think about company culture differently, reports Inc. This becomes especially true as millennials saturate the workforce, because they bring with them a new set of priorities in terms … Read More »

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Four Listening Moves To Get The Best Ideas

The person with the best idea wins. Well, maybe not always, but it sure doesn’t hurt, reports Forbes.  We all struggle with coming up with novel approaches to projects, people and problems. Creativity and insight can be frustratingly fleeting. What fires us up one day can dull us into inertia the next. And yet, the … Read More »

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Leaders: There Is Such a Thing as Too Much Charisma

What are the qualities of a successful leader? They have a strong vision, can clearly communicate their goals and can command a room. But a new study from Ghent University published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that charisma only takes you so far, reports Entrepreneur. The researchers looked at the charisma scores — taken from … Read More »

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Lead with Trust or Control…You Decide

Once upon a time there was a restaurant chain with thousands of locations. A handful of those locations were outperforming all the others by nearly 60%. And the senior leaders were stumped. They began to ask honest questions about their own beliefs, and the practices they used to run the brand. It was real and raw … Read More »

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14 Ways To Better Attract The Top Talent You Need

Hiring the best people isn’t easy: There are a lot of resumes out there attached to a wide variety of skill sets and personalities. Your company, though, is looking for top-level talent: You need people with strong experience, training and drive, and you’re not afraid to try new things to bring them into the fold, … Read More »

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