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The Role Managers Play In Shaping Employee Well-Being

Management support is crucial to the success of any workplace wellness program. As leaders, managers have the opportunity to build supportive work environments that promote employee health and well-being. Employee wellness is a smart investment for today’s managers. Research has shown the link connecting employee health behaviors with healthcare costs and the bottom line, reports … Read More »

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From Crisis to Crushing It: How to Bounce Back From Disaster

Some companies pass every test with flying colors. Others fold. In most cases, management makes the difference between those that make it and those that don’t — especially during times of crisis. Every crisis is a two-sided coin. One side is a destroyer and the other is a creator. In other words, there is both folly and opportunity … Read More »

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Give Your Employees a Seat at the Table for Greater Success

Scandals. Accusing headlines. Public uproar. Decreasing perception. We’ve seen what happens when CEOs get called out for their errors. The root of these emerging upper management issues that have plagued companies from Uber to Samsung is that they never created a culture that empowered employees and instead silenced them with fear and toxicity. This noxious … Read More »

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Can Sales Excellence Be The Norm?

We know the type of salespeople we need: rockstars. We advertise for them. We know what they look like. Think about your best salesperson for a moment — a rockstar. Perhaps they do 50-80% of your sales. Imagine if you could develop your entire team to produce at the same level, reports Forbes. What would … Read More »

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5 Steps to More Smoothly Delegate Decision-Making

If you’re building a successful, growing business, you are most likely adding staff. To continue to grow to a fully evolved midsize business — one where others manage the employees and make the daily tactical decisions — you will need to delegate, reports Entrepreneur. However, like most business owners, you probably started out making all the important decisions. How do … Read More »

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This Is What the Best Bosses Do to Hire Superstar Employees

How do you get top performers flocking to your company? Salary? Sure, that helps. But A-players care about more than money. Perks? A fancy gourmet cafeteria is nice, but not exactly that uncommon these days. Your company brandor reputation? Good, but unless you’re Google, Facebook, or a well-established company, it’s not as important as you … Read More »

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