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5 Pieces of Career-Changing Advice From Navy Fighter Pilots

Imagine you are hurtling toward a 300-foot floating runway traveling over 150 miles per hour. That’s a daily reality for America’s Navy fighter pilots, an elite group of personnel who have adopted tried and true ways of working to ensure success, reports Entrepreneur. Only the smartest, strongest-willed people pass the crucible to become Navy fighter pilots. Aviation cadets … Read More »

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This One Ingredient Will Increase Your Success And Happiness At Work

When you think of enhancing your success at work, you might instantly focus on enrolling in a new professional development course or learning a new skill – or perhaps you’ll hunt for a time management app that will help you increase your productivity. But there is one often overlooked but wildly valuable action you should … Read More »

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3 Tricks to Get People to Actually Listen to Your Presentations

Few things conjure up a feeling of dread quite like the anticipation of a lengthy PowerPoint presentation. Professionals spend an average of 40 percent of their workday in meetings, many of which include a presenter painfully reading straight from a slide deck. Seventy-one percent of people report that the meetings they attend are a waste … Read More »

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How to Keep Your Customers From Dumping You

I have had the same mobile (cell phone) company in the U.K. for around 25 years. However, I am about to leave them–and they don’t know it. With my imminent departure on the horizon, I wondered how do organizations avoid customer defection? It turns out that customers usually indicate they are going to leave, and … Read More »

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How To Handle Young Talent In Your Business: A Lesson From The NFL

The other day I was listening to sports radio and the hosts were arguing about what to do with New York Jets rookie quarterback Sam Darnold. Do you throw him in the fire, giving him the starting job from game one of his rookie year? Do you give the job to an experienced older player … Read More »

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10 Powerful Attributes of Insanely Successful People

There’s something about successful people that sets them apart from everyone else: they have learned to draw on their natural abilities, traits and attributes to achieve their dreams. Successful people approach situations differently from the rest of us. They frame challenges in a different way than most people. They have developed skills and traits that will carry … Read More »

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