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Warranty Inspection Services Enters Strategic Partnership with F&I Admin

RICHMOND, VA – Warranty Inspection Services, LLC has announced a strategic partnership with F&I Administration Solutions, LLC, a provider of software for the administration of automotive F&I products.

Under the strategic partnership, F&I Admin will integrate inspections from Warranty Inspection Services into its SCS Auto VSC platform. The integration will include the ability to submit inspection requests, receive alerts that inspections have been completed and links to completed reports all directly from within the SCS Auto system. This will result in significant time saving during the claims process for F&I Admin’s SCS Auto users.

“We have been working closely with WIS and its sister company C&K Auto Parts for some time now,” said David Trinder, CEO of F&I Admin. “When we learned about the development of VeriScan, we recognized the value it would bring to our customers and knew that it was important to integrate it into our SCS Auto VSC platform.”

“We are excited to be able to take our industry advancing tool of VeriScan, and partner with a respected company such as F&I Admin to be able to more effectively give Administrators integrated access to the latest and greatest tools,” said Chris Rand, co-president of Warranty Inspection Services and C&K Auto Parts.

VeriScan is a proprietary tool designed to increase the accuracy, timeliness and thoroughness of inspection reports. VeriScan facilitates encrypted WiFi/cellular transmission of vehicle data (through an OBDii interface), photos and the inspector’s initial written report to WIS’s secure servers. This system will allow the customer to receive more data and more accurate data faster than previously possible.

VeriScan gives customers the ability to see the computer data from the vehicle and to view the written report and photos while taking the verbal report. Any additional photos or report editing required can be completed while taking the verbal report, allowing for clarification of any technical issues, making the verbal report much more accurate.

Additional information about WIS Inspections with VeriScan can be found at and additional info about SCS Auto can be found at

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