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US Equity Advantage Unveils New Brand Reflecting the Company’s Expanded Payment Solution Service Offerings

ORLANDO, Fla. – In 2003, US Equity Advantage (USEA) started helping car buyers purchase finance products they could not afford with a standard monthly payment plan; growing to become one of the nation’s leading providers of biweekly loan processing for the automotive industry. Today, the company unveiled a major rebranding initiative that reflects the evolution of USEA’s signature product into a comprehensive personal financial management service that helps customers take greater control of their financial future.

“AutoPayPlus represents the company’s expanded vision and investment in new technologies to grow beyond simply a loan payment service to helping our consumers manage a wide range of financial obligations, reach their financial objectives faster and save for the future,” said CEO Robert Steenbergh.

AutoPayPlus provides loan payment solutions and personal equity building services, credit monitoring and protection, and other financial planning tools. It helps customers automate their bill payments, organize their finances, monitor their credit, and create a budget and savings plan for the future.

More than just biweekly, AutoPayPlus offers a variety of early loan payoff services and payment solutions, including weekly, bimonthly and monthly withdrawals, for debts ranging from auto and student loans to mortgages and credit cards. In addition, customers have access to a financial planning toolkit with a wealth of resources such as monthly VantageScore® 3.0 credit score with trending from TransUnion®, and credit monitoring and instant alerts from TransUnion® to help prevent identity theft.

Components of USEA’s rebranding initiative include a new logo and descriptive tagline, new collateral material and a dynamic website. The new logo features a contemporary font and automation wheel with each color signifying AutoPayPlus’ collection of services: payment (gold), credit monitoring (purple), equity acceleration (orange), savings (blue) and, soon to come, investments (green).

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