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ELEAD1ONE Releases Free Fixed Ops eBook

ATLANTA — ELEAD1ONE announced today the release of a free eBook for auto dealers. “Fix Your Phones & Boost Profit in Your Service Department” presents a compelling case for addressing phone processes and improving customer communications in the service department.

In a recent CallRevu analysis of 4.2 million phone calls into dealership service departments, 68% or nearly 2.8 million calls connected with an agent. That means 32% of calls did not connect, representing 1.3 million missed opportunities. Approximately one out of three people calling into dealership service departments aren’t being helped, analysts said.

“Today’s consumer is accustomed to on-demand buying experiences delivered by companies like Amazon, as well as on-demand information delivered by smartphones and social media,” said Bill Wittenmyer, a partner with ELEAD1ONE. “The majority of dealership service departments are not meeting their customers’ expectations when it comes to connecting quickly, getting questions answered, setting appointments, and solving problems. If dealers want to stay competitive, they need to fix their phone processes.”

“Fix Your Phones & Boost Profit in Your Service Department” explores technologies that dealers can implement, as well as best practices to follow, to improve communications with customers. Technologies that increase customer connections include online scheduling, texting and virtual service BDC solutions. Best practices such as dedicated call answering, service advisor training and adopting transparency in pricing are also covered.

The eBook includes real-world examples from dealerships including the Gettel Automotive Group in Western Florida and Berglund Luxury Auto in Lynchburg, Va. Both dealerships bridged their customer communications gap with solutions outlined in the eBook.

To download a free copy, click here.

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