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‘No’ Means ‘Not Yet’

‘No’ Means ‘Not Yet’

There are probably several different reasons why some agents are more successful than others, and it doesn’t really have to do with the market, weather, time of the year, or the products and programs they are selling. There is a two-letter word that is a hidden killer of all sales, and that word is “No.” It has killed a lot of careers.

Why is that? Why is that word so powerful? Could be you’ve heard it too many times, and finally you start financing it or putting terms on it, even an extended service agreement on the word “No.” What are you talking about! No. It’s one of the most destructive words in sales and even your personal life.

Think about how many times you say it in a day … “No, I don’t feel like getting up right now.” “No, I don’t want to work today.” “No, I’m not going to get out and make some appointments.” “No, I’m not going to call that dealer or account today, no I’m not going to hit my quota or goals, even though the month is half over.” “No, this just isn’t working out for me.” “No, I just can’t do that!”

No wonder things might not be going your way. You’ve been reinforcing the word “No” too many times in your mind and it’s starting to affect your attitude and performance. Sometimes we are so close to “Yes” that we can’t or won’t even believe it.

So we look for excuses instead of answers. If you take the time to ask yourself a better set of questions, your answers will come seeking you! The word “No” is like a disease that has destroyed so many sales. If you could pile up the bodies of the salespeople who couldn’t hack the word “No,” overcome, handle it, adjust to it and close, the pile would reach the moon and cast a dark shadow over the earth that would never let the sun shine again.

The word “No” is like a sport. If you play football, you are going to get hit and you are going to get hurt. I mean, you wouldn’t run back to the bench and yell at the coach or whine that you got hit, would you? Isn’t selling a sport? It’s more of a mental sport where your hurts are more like your confidence, effort, drive, self esteem, self worth, faith, determination, skills, and anything else that has to do with selling. What you need to do is prepare how to handle the “No” by learning scripts that overcome it. Keep the basics of selling in check so that you can minimize the “No”s and eventually be able to squash them like the small bug they are. Crunch!

You either close or you lose, you either hear “Yes” or “No.” So what are you going to do about it? Let it bug you and cost you a ton of money, future and potential, or prepare for it and kill it?

As a matter fact, “No” is just one letter away from “Yes.” Doesn’t “NO” mean “next opportunity,” “next offer,” “next opening” or “not yet”? It doesn’t spell “never,” does it? Just learn to prepare and get over it. Learn how to say “Next” when you lose a sale and move on, the past is what it is, gone and never to be here again. See you later! Next!

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Isn’t Your Attitude the Heart of Selling?

Isn’t Your Attitude the Heart of Selling?

Somebody recently asked me how important it was to have a positive attitude when it comes to selling. I said your attitude is the heart of selling, and today it seems like some people need a cardiologist when it comes to keeping a positive mental attitude.

Your entire life is shaped by your attitude. The amount of money you make or earn is determined by your attitude. Some people have an attitude of massive success and others have an attitude of hoping their ends meet somehow.

So it is that your life, according to Charles Swindoll, comes down to your attitude. I’m sure you have seen his “Attitude Is Everything” flyer, maybe around the office or up by the old water gossip tank. Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react and handle it.

Lost Sales or Client

Have you ever lost a day because you lost a sale or a client? In other words, you couldn’t get over it, so you brooded and pouted about it for the rest of the day, week and month, and you’re still whining about it after all these years?

You might need to let it go. Start focusing on what you can do right now and quit worrying about the past or even giving it any thought. You probably are too old anyway to be giving away what positive energy you have left to something that happened a while ago. Every person in sales or business is going to face a huge amount of loss. You see, your life and attitude is pretty much determined by how you talk to yourself.

Your self-talk determines how you think. Your thinking determines how you feel and how you feel determines how you act, because of the way you talk to yourself. Sales is about getting over and through your losses and moving on to the next sale, not moving on to the gym, golf course, doing chores around the house or taking four-hour lunches because your attitude is cranked. Get over it, learn how to say “Next!” and move on to your next client, call, email or belly-to-belly visit.

How do you keep your attitude positive? Well for one thing, when is the last time you turned on the news, watched an uplifting story, and then shut off the TV and ran around the house like you won the lottery? They should really call it the misery news. “Yeah, but I got to keep on my current events.” Really? So are they going to help you sell something today? “Honey, I just heard the worst news on TV. I shared it on Facebook, turned on the radio, and also got caught up in the gossip puddle at work. And I’ve got to tell you, my attitude is so positive right now!”

A great agent has to block out that crap and let it lay where it needs tolay: outside in the trash can, not in your mind. Your job is selling attitude to every one of your clients, and the tone of your attitude sets the tone of the relationship and the sale. On my facebook, when I see negative crap, I unfollow the person, or hide the post. Come on, you’ve heard the old saying: “Garbage in, garbage out.” It’s true. What if you could go one day, being positive in everything you do and say,? Can you?

Can you go one day, without gossiping or saying a negative comment? Give it a shot….Most people can’t even get past 30 minutes before they say something negative. I live outside of Los Angeles, and you probably all know about the traffic we face every day. As a matter of fact, one of our main freeways is the 405. We call it that, because we only go 4 or 5 miles an hour. What I love about traffic is that, as long I didn’t create the traffic, I’m just happy to be in it. Attitude is the heart of your life along with the heart of selling, and your mind, heart and soul have to be in sync.

Today Is Yours

Today is your day. Today is the day you get control of your attitude. Today is the day you are going to say something positive to every person you come in contact with. Today is the day you are going to build yourself up instead of beating yourself up emotionally. Today is the day that nobody is going to steal your attitude. Today is the day that you realize your life is all about your positive attitude.

Today is the day you are going to start reading positive books and articles. Today is the day that, when the negaholics try to bring you down, you are going to stop them cold and say, “Please, no negativity allowed around me.” Today is your day! Take control of your mind and you take control of your life.

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How to Catch the Decisionmaker

How to Catch the Decisionmaker

OK, how many of you secret agents need to get into some sort of sensitivity rehab or maybe even a 12-step program because you have some unresolved problems, such as never being able to reach the decisionmaker, a.k.a. the dealer or GM? Right, you call, call, call, call and all you get is some BS answer such as “They are in a meeting” or “They told me to get your name and (like Ripley’s Believe It or Not) they will call you back”? Sure, let me hold my breath until 2018.

Or even better, they have some hourly person who finally has the ability to control something — like who gets through to the dealer. I just went through this with a dealer up in Canada. No names, but get a life, you suck. All the dude did was complain about how many sales they were missing a month. Duh! Maybe if you keep playing more hide-and-seek, it will get better. Look, your clients need you, maybe even more then you need them.

I was at a show and met the dealer. He clearly thought he was a British spy named Bond. Seriously, folks, you can’t make this stuff up. So I started to think, “OK, maybe the telephone gatekeeper has finally come of age and has mastered the skill of being the wall between you making a sale or gaining an account.”

Think about this: Statistics prove 44% of salespeople give up after making one attempt to reach the decisionmaker. And here’s another stat I know is you need to consider: You will fail 100% of the time if you give up instead of follow up. So, how do you get to them?

The Great Walleye Story

Years ago, I went fishing with two old-timers up to the great north of Ontario, and we all went to the bait shop to get bait, beer, food and so on. (Now you can tell I’m from Canada!) So I’m looking around the trading post where they still run trap lines for furs. On top of the fridges were giant fish heads that had been caught and showed off at the post.

My eyes were as big as the last full moon you saw. I was gasping, thinking, “How in the hell did they catch that?” I only had one place to look. I looked over at the counter and behind it stood one tough trapper. I was a bit intimidated. It had been a while since I was in something that looked like the Fishing Hall of Fame.

I got up the nerve, walked over and, with my whiny California voice — because that’s where I live now — I asked the guy a question: “What are they hitting on?” The guy never said one thing. He just pointed to the wall, at a small trout Rapala lure. So I bought three of them. If you have never seen a Rapala, it’s the brand known for its distinct swimming action, and each lure includes at least two or three hooks.

We got to the lake, loaded up the boat, beer, food, the old timer’s bait my friends bought and my three new lures. The other guys were mostly concerned about having a good time, which in agency terms is like making fruitless calls and thinking, “Well, I am making my calls.” I was hooking up my line with a Rapala, which might be more like using social media. Maybe the new lure is Facebook or LinkedIn.

And what I like about the new way to fish for dealers is the gatekeeper isn’t checking their personal LinkedIn profile or their personal Facebook page. So goodnight to you, gatekeeper. Keep playing your crossword puzzles. I found a way to bypass you. Plus, these dealers are looking at their social media at home, so now you are connecting with them or getting to them 24 hours a day instead of the old, “Well, I left them a voicemail.” If they don’t call back, it’s called voice jail! The Trojan Horse is in the house!

So I threw the lure out, just like you do every time you post on Facebook and LinkedIn, becoming a resource pond of information that your clients will look forward to, because of the free information you post daily. I’m not the smartest guy, but isn’t there a good book that says, “As ye sow, so shall ye reap”? Maybe you’re sowing the wrong way to reach your clients. I’m just saying. Maybe you got the wrong bait on your contact rod.

So anyway, back to the story. I threw the line out. It didn’t get 100 yards out and BOOM! I got my hit. I just got in the boat, I just put the right bait on, I just got a huge hit. I told the old guys, who hated change more than running out of beer, “Slow down, I got something!” They looked at me like, “We just got out.”

I know that’s why you post, blog or place articles in the morning on the social sites, because that’s when your fish bite. They check their emails, go on Facebook, LinkedIn and other work sites. Now you might not be getting hits, because you are still using the old bait, which is something called the telephone.

OK, back to the big catch. When I landed the fish, my eyes blew up like an American silver dollar — not a Canadian one, ’cause the loonie has lost a wing or so in its value. So here it comes, and I’m screaming at the two old fools, “Get the damn net, I got a fish!” — or, for you a lead, or a response, like, or a comment. “Get the net, get the net, we can’t waste time, hurry!” The net was buried under the beer and food. WTF! (Yes, that means, “Wow, that’s funny!” Right.)

I brought in an almost 9-pound walleye. For reference, the average weight is around 4 or 5 pounds. Boom! We netted it, and for years, it hung in my house — until the boss said, “Out she goes.”

New Bait

The point here is that you can catch the dealer or the decisionmaker once you know which way to contact them. Is it the phone, email, Facebook, LinkedIn or even Twitter?

My advice is to have all of them working together. You can look at a program like Sprout, which ties most of your social media all together so you can use your time more wisely, which is getting belly-to-belly with the big fish, known as the decisionmaker.

“But, but, what about the phone?” you ask. Hook them first then bring them to the phone. You land them in the boat when you get face-to-face with the decisionmaker.

Let’s rack this. I’m running out of bait and the last time I brought a good time home for dinner, the boss said, “We can’t eat on good times. Show me the money!” Did you catch anything today? Just a simple yes or no will do for now!

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Secret Agent Locates Dealer

Secret Agent Locates Dealer

One of the biggest mysteries in this business is trying to find the decisionmaker at the dealership who can buy or use your services. If you stacked up all the agents who gave up because they couldn’t reach the decisionmaker to make an appointment, get them to take your call, get hold of them, get them to respond, call you back, meet you in person, do a presentation, or break their meeting with you and so on, the bodies would reach the moon and cast a shadow that would bring darkness to our planet.

OK, it might not be that drastic, but if you are an agent, you know exactly what I’m talking about. The game is the chase!

You need to develop a steel tummy for this biz and always remember that effort doesn’t require any skill at all. Don’t let rejection or a blow-off ruin your day. You are better than that. Plus, some of the dealers in this business, are so pathetic when it comes to playing hide-and-seek. A great deal of them are experts at it. I say, some will, some won’t, so what, so move on.

They Can’t Hack It 

The problem is that most agents can’t hack the sales aspect of the job. They can’t seem to overcome the types of rejection they face in their business. My question to you is, what kind of sales training have you ever been through — not product training, but sales training? If you don’t have the skills, you probably can’t pay your bills.

Now you’re probably thinking, who the heck is this guy? It’s not a secret. I have been selling training, consulting, online sales training and other products to dealers for over 20 years. The good news is I’m still alive and so are you. I have heard every excuse or reason in the book. Check this out!

  • They are in a meeting.
  • They said to call back.
  • They are not interested.
  • We are stuck with a company we can barely stand.
  • We do our own thing here.
  • Ol’ Bob has been our agent for over 20 years.
  • We have a family member who does that for us.
  • We are too small for you.
  • See us in Q2; we might consider it then.
  • Our guys are good and we don’t need you.
  • Our dealership has been in the middle of a sale for three years or so.
  • We are very comfortable with what we are doing.
  • Let me call corporate on this.
  • [Dial tone]

I could go on, but I’m already getting bored with all of this. What about you?

So how do you make sales to a dealership? You have to be a hunter first. Your goal is to locate the decisionmaker and then find out how to break through and reach them. Easier said than done!

New Hunting Grounds

Hopefully you are an agent of change and are willing to do something different than the old conventional ways. “Cray cray” as it sounds (and is that even a word?), a lot of my recent successes have come through social media. I can normally get to a dealer within seconds. As a matter of fact, I reached out to a dealer today for a huge deal, and within 60 minutes, they responded. Now the chase turns to contact, visit, phone, FaceTime, presentation and, finally, close the sale.

As a sales trainer, I can tell you this: You have to have the same focus when you are closing the appointment to meet in person as if you were actually closing a sale! Don’t forget that! I have called this dealer, texted him, emailed him and connected on LinkedIn. I finally got him on Facebook. Who knew?

Now, of course, sometimes the old ways still work when trying to reach the decisionmaker. But if your own kids won’t answer the phone, do you think the dealer is going to answer it? Get to the receptionist and find out how the decisionmaker likes to be contacted.

For agents, the road to the sale is changing. You have to master the art of communication. Once you get them to see you, then you get to determine needs, wants, and their motivation to use your products. Always ask for the sale.

So let’s wrap it up: Pick up the phone, call, text or email them right now. Don’t wait, because your competitor is probably picking up the phone, texting or finding them on Facebook right now, because you are procrastinating. Do it now!

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