AAGI is the industry leader in developing, marketing and administering vehicle service contracts and other automotive aftermarket products. Serving agents, dealers and drivers in the U.S. and worldwide, all of our superior products are backed by long-term relationships with A-rated insurers.

Everything we do is designed to shift your business into high gear, from technology that simplifies the rating, remittance, billing and claims process, to personalized service.

We know that when you have questions or need information, it’s urgent. You don’t want to wait—you need answers now. So we’ll do whatever it takes to communicate with you at top speed.

Founded in 1997, AAGI is an honest, ethical, straight-talking company, and we are constantly improving our products and processes for you. We succeed only when you do®.

An Agent-Driven Company

AAGI is 100% committed to your success. In everything we do, your satisfaction is our highest priority.

From timely claims handling, to dealer statements that are easy to understand, to superior agent care, we’ll do whatever it takes to go the extra mile for you. When you need assistance, our team of Agent Care Experts (“ACE”) will respond like an extension of your own team, sending you rate cards, reports and other must-have information, as quickly as possible.

We truly understand how valuable your time is and we know you’re always looking for ways to increase F&I income and productivity. We’ll help turbo-charge your efficiency with our QR360 technology. We have over 20 menu companies and the two largest DMSs integrated into our system, together with an online rating system that’s second to none. And QR360 is fully-loaded with more features than ever. It’s a powerhouse rating, contracting and remitting tool that lets you easily access critical information, anytime.



More than 15,000 agents and dealers in North America know that partnering with AAGI is mutually profitable.

Excellence on the Dealer Side

Your dealers also get more from AAGI. We don’t just sell vehicle service contracts and ancillary F&I products. We assist our agents in building strong dealership relationships and give them satisfied return customers.

We do everything possible to eliminate headaches, phone calls and paperwork. Our products generate profit and they make everyone breathe easier—the Dealer Principal, F&I Manager, Office Manager, Service Manager and Underwriters. That’s because they come with better rating, remittance, billing, cancellation and especially, claims service.

Just as our QR360 technology increases efficiency for your business, it accelerates business for dealers, too. It lets them easily create quotes, generate contracts, send remittances and more, in one convenient online location.

Continuing Education for Agents & Dealers

AAGI’s Performance Services Program offers learning opportunities that expand agent and F&I Manager knowledge by teaching or refreshing skills about F&I products. Launched in 2012, these programs provide the most comprehensive training available in the market and are a tremendous success.

Offered quarterly, our complimentary Agent Certification class gives you an in-depth understanding of AAGI products and processes, and an opportunity to build relationships with key AAGI contacts. Testing is provided to evaluate success. Nearly half of AAGI agents have attended these one-and-a-half-day sessions.

In addition, F&I Certification Training is also offered quarterly. Each five-day session focuses on F&I Manager presentation skills and techniques, lender relations and advanced management skills. Participants also engage in role playing and receive constructive critiques of their performance. These classes have consistently reached a “sold out” level of participation from dealers across the United States.



You get more from AAGI because we’re passionate about what we do and our company—as well as your success. Our team has a diverse background in the automotive, administrative and insurance industries, and each member is committed to providing superior products and personalized, responsive service.

Tim Brugh, President

Tim has served in a variety of roles since joining AAGI in 1997. He has risen through the organization by serving as National Sales Manager, Vice President of Sales, and Executive Vice President, and was elevated to his current role as President in May 2013. Tim’s firsthand experience of over 25 years in the automobile, insurance and administration industry, gives him the experience needed to build a strong customer-focused organization.

Jeff Teuscher, Vice President, Sales

Over the past 30 years, Jeff has progressed from retail F&I manager through all facets of the industry. Prior to joining AAGI, he was an F&I training instructor, aftermarket insurance agency owner, and has held several executive positions in the vehicle service contract industry. Today he trains and directs AAGI's regional sales management team, and leads AAGI's Performance Services Program.



AAGI offers an industry-leading portfolio of products that accelerate agent and dealer businesses, while giving drivers extra peace of mind. All of our superior products are backed by insurance companies rated “A” or “A-” (Excellent) by A.M. Best Company.


Mechanical, parts and labor breakdown coverage for ultimate, hassle-free driving
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Mechanical and electrical breakdown coverage for high mileage vehicles
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Wheelz Certified Limited Warranty

Turn your inventory faster and increase profit margins more cost-effectively

AutoGuard Vehicle Shield

An industry first with five bundled ancillary product offerings (tire and wheel, windshield repairs, paintless dent repair, key replacement, roadside assistance) on one contract with seven product coverage options.
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GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection)

“Cover the difference,” saving drivers major out-of-pocket expenses
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EWT (Excess Wear & Tear)

Give lease customers a whole lot less to worry about at turn-in time
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Deter theft with traceable identification codes and warning decals
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